First we have to talk about is turmeric, turmeric is tubers help the circulatory system function better, limiting blood clotting cells and help in new cells. When your circulatory system works well, of course you would have lead to a beautiful healthy skin, smooth and soft light, healthy as ever. In addition, the blood in the body is purified also help us improve your acne, skin pigmentation spots effectively, types Skin Infections.

Next to a food that’s to mention lemons, but can be difficult to eat lemons, you can mix it with warm water and sugar to use, when you use regular lemons you get an immune system completely firmly against common illnesses such as colds, runny nose … not so the lemon is an extremely great food for radiant healthy skin, remove stretch marks effectively without having to use the melasma cosmetics.

Vegetables give us a huge amount of fiber, supporting good digestive process, and eliminating toxins from the type of frying caused barbeque. Watercress is very easy to find a reform contains a lot of vitamins A, C and E reduce acne and stretch marks effectively eczema.

Cabbage, referring to the type of reform is not it very easy to find almost any place can also supply. While it is very easy to find, but inside there is a huge amount of fiber, and contains a lot of vitamin a, you offline. Ah, but also uses further reduce wrinkles there. And about waiting any longer without additional cabbage into your diet right away yet.

Above are a few foods that are good for the skin, improving pigmentation marks. And later I will list the foods that are not good for your skin.

The first type that comes to salt. Salt has a very high water-holding capacity, make your skin swell. Salt also increases blood pressure, affects the amount of collagen in humans.

The snacks are easy to find outside supermarkets or foods processed also contains a lot of salt jog.

Next it comes to red meat, red meat contains a lot in Carnitive, easy to harden your blood vessels, causing severe skin aging.

All alcoholic drinks are harmful to your skin, making skin dehydration. So you should not overdo it too much, only used when really necessary.

Assorted fried foods, fast foods.

The young people enjoyed the fried foods such as fried fish, french fries …

Newspaper harmful substances from fried food will emit free radicals, and the hard clog your pores. You should provide all kinds of healthy fats derived from vegetable or olive oil butter because they help your cells work better.

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